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Meditation and Relaxation for Couples and Sharers

Serenity Sharers is a new venture for 2017 for couples and sharers. We're building on the success of our sister company, Serenity Retreat (for solo travellers) in Greece.

On the beautiful island of Lefkada, we offer:

We are particularly proud of the facilitators who will be joining us this year. They all walk the meditation and mindfulness walk and have been doing so for a number of years. Strong, clear and kind-hearted teaching is yours if you want it. Maybe YOU do, but it's not really your friend or partner's cup of tea? No problem! They're very welcome to enjoy the beach, the village, the tavernas, the island (check out our info page for ideas). No pressure to join in at all. Dip in and out as much or as little as you like. It's your holiday - make it work in the best possible way for both of you!

The mindful movement and guided meditations will always be free, it's your choice if you'd like to partcipate or add a course on top.

It's all about retreating to a slower pace of life. It's there for the choosing on the island. Serenity Sharers aims to provide its guests with an opportunity to come to rest and recharge. But life sometimes has different plans for us! How frustrating it can be to be on holiday and to find ourselves constantly distracted by a whirring mind. Our mindful movement, meditation and the courses aim to help you learn not to take that chatty mind so seriously and to develop a healthier relationship to it. It's a great gift to be able to relax even in the middle of a busy mind - and something that will serve you in your 'real' world.

Fundamentally, serenity is an inside job - and if that's something you're interested in then we can help to show you that when you come and visit.

Beachside Restaurant

Our programme runs throughout May, June, September and the beginning of October on the Greek island of Lefkada.

Get a feel for the island and what it has to offer (trips, car hire etc) on our info page, and you'll find a map to show you exactly where we are if you scroll down the contact page.


Read what you and the press think of our sister company, Serenity Retreat, here. Our intention is to provide this level of satisfaction to our couples and sharers too!

Serenity Sharers chooses to share its success. We donate a minimum of 5% of our profit to a number of charities.

The following reviews are for our sister company, Serenity Retreat, we intend to get the same feedback for Serenity Sharers!

We featured in The Times as a 'Top 50 Spa Holiday':

"It’s great for solo travellers interested in spirituality and personal growth or just pure relaxation, and tends to attract people who have started to question their lives and who want to live more meaningfully".

As well as in the Guardian:

10 Wellbeing Retreats

Metro had this to say:

Set up by Zen meditation teacher Kim Bennett, Serenity Retreats are aimed at solo travellers looking for self development. The week long retreat has an easy-breezy approach and while there are mindfulness walks, guided meditations and excursions on offer, nothing is compulsory. "Our emphasis is on giving our guests space", Bennett says. "Our accommodation is on the beach and we encourage guests do nothing other than watch the sea and the mountain for a restorative effect".

And thanks to Jane Alexander and the Daily Mail Travel Section for this article. Not sure we would call ourselves chic, though!

Serenity Retreat

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